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Monday, May 23, 2016

Music Video Finale

Kaz Editing.
Wow guys...I can't believe this is the final blog post of the year...and of Middle School. I'M GOING TO BE IN HIGH SCHOOL NEXT YEAR AND THAT'S REALLY SCARY; Hence the all caps. Anyway, yes, It's that time of the year again. It's time for Music Videos! My favorite project. My team is made up of Preston, Arianna, and Kaz, all of whom I've worked with before. Our song is The Reckless and the Brave by All Time Low. (We're doing verses 2-8) Basically, our storyline is about how we don't like where we are at the moment, and then deciding that we should live our lives and be happy. This relates to some of my favorite lyrics in the song, "I realize that I didn't fit in, Didn't hate it but I didn't quite relate it, To my precious little world." When we decide to change that, the lyrics, "Got a dream, got a spark, got somewhere to be" play a huge part in story development. After that, the first line in the chorus is, "And long live the fast times, so come what may," showing that we're ready to move on. Overall, our music video, as well as the song, is about living our lives to the fullest and finding where we belong.
Team Editing ft. Kaz & Preston

My favorite fast-edit montage sequence in our music video is toward the end when we all meet up and find where we belong. I mean, it's kind of our only montage type part. After we all meet up in the video, we walk around town and have fun. You know, friend stuff. My favorite part of the montage is when we're at the beach. It seems like we're having genuine fun, and we were when we filmed it. When the expression and reactions are genuine is when the story is really told. You can't fake having fun. When you genuinley enjoy what you're doing is when you're able to make amazing work, and that's why this fast-edit montage is my favorite; because it displays what we've all learned over the course of three years.
Group Discussion ft. Arianna & Preston

Our music video showcases our best work, from the Photoshop banner, to the multiple effects we used. The Photoshop banner at the beginning, made by me, showcases color schemes, layer effects, and an overall visual balance. Our video uses different enhancing effects to help tell our story in a better way. For example, during the first verse we turned the saturation down to exaggerate how we didn't like where we were. Then, when we leave, we turned the saturation and vibrance up to exaggerate how we were ready to begin to live our lives. Our video mainly showcases our awesome editing skills, with fast, but well timed, sequences and balanced audio.

<- Critique results

I mean, we are pretty on the edge of a 3 and a 4, but I don't think that we deserve a 2.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Animated Life Lessons

Majestic Storyboard.
Hello all. Our newest project is a team animation! I think I may have mentioned this project in the last post, but I'm not really sure, so I'll just re-explain it. Basically, we're working in teams of three to make a humorous animation containing all of our idiosyncrasies. My teammates for this project are Emma and Tu (Lucy). Our story is called...*drum roll*...Emma Remains Indecisive! In this story, Emma is told to make a decision on where to eat, Genki or Kintaro's. When faced with this decision, Emma panics and asks her imaginary friends, Lucy and I, for help. Lucy and I are shown as the "devil and angel." Emma's exaggerated idiosyncrasy is clearly being indecisive, but another idiosyncrasy being show is clumsiness (as explained in the beginning.) Lucy's idiosyncrasies are that she is nice and friendly, hence the "angel" part. And finally, me. I am the so-called "devil." I am displayed as slightly childish and sarcastic. Yep...That's pretty much my personality summed up in two words.

Now you may ask, why does Emma REMAIN Indecisive? Isn't the story supposed to have a resolution? Well, yes, the story does have a moral, but not necessarily a resolution. The moral is basically that you have to make decisions, "I don't know" is never an answer. Now, the resolution. The reason why our story doesn't have a traditional resolution is to add humor. It's funny because our ending is ironic...PLEASE LAUGH (No spoilers. Just watch our video ;) ). Another way we add humor, is through my incredibly amazing, sarcastic jokes. PLEASE LAUGH I WORKED REALLY HARD ON THOSE. My jokes aren't funny, but I think that the added laugh track really adds a humorous effect.

Great Focus ft. Lucy & Emma

More Focus ft. Lucy & Emma
At a different angle.
Typing Skills ft. Lucy & Emma's arm.

Considering that we have never worked together before, I actually think that our team worked together really well, and was very productive. Honestly speaking though, this deadline wasn't that harsh. The only reason is because the expectations for the animation weren't that high. Our criteria was, "Great audio, simple visuals." Our team took that...very literally. We have incredibly simple visuals, yet good audio. Despite this, I think our biggest challenge was in editing. It is INCREDIBLY difficult to find audio that fits a story perfectly. I mean, there is audio that fits a certain mood, but there's never really something that perfectly explains the moment. If only I had any musical talent, then I could write my own songs. Unfortunately, I do not. Cue dramatic sigh. Anyway, let's stay positive!!! Wow, that's out of character. Apologies, I was recently FORCED AGAINST MY WILL to watch the Lego Movie. Nah, It was pretty okay. Back to the topic though, my team had a lot of pretty great moments, but I think that the best was when we were able to watch our first final through, laugh about it, decide we could live with it, and turn it in successfully. For real though, there's no better feeling than stressing over a project, completing it to the best of your ability, and then turning it in before anyone else. That's the best.

Critique Results:

I don't know, I mean, they're pretty accurate ->



Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Character Development

Hello again. For our new G.T project we're making animated gifs of ourselves. The point of the gif is to create humorous caricatures of our personality traits. The perfections...and imperfections. My imperfections are that I'm not decisive, I can never come up with ideas, I'm too sarcastic, and sometimes considered insensitive. I sound like such a great person. See, for me it's hard coming up with good things, because, like I said before, I can never come up with ideas and I'm too indecisive. Another huge part of it is also that I don't want to sound arrogant. Look! I just came up with another imperfection; caring too much about what other people think. I guess one thing I'm good at is analyzing my personality, if that makes sense? I'm usually pretty aware of what happens around me... Wow, I sound arrogant now...Anyway, I think one good thing about me is that I am FABULOUS! I also like to consider myself honest in situations that require honesty. Well, sometimes I'm not completely honest, but I won't flat out lie. I guess now we've all discovered my true essence...someone who rants a lot.

Finished Gif...Yep...

For my animation, I plan to exaggerate my indesiciveness, sarcasm, and...fabulousness? Is that a word? Is indesiciveness a word? Preston says no. But I say it can be a word if it wants to be. To exaggerate my indesiciveness I'll probably just have me trying to decide something. I don't know what, but I will have to make a decision. For my sarcasm I could probably just animate myself making a bunch of sarcastic comments. Animating my fabulousness probably won't be that difficult; I basically define fabulous :). Overall, I think that my animation has the potential to be either very funny, or just a very sad attempt at trying to be funny. Now, all I have to do is execute the task.

If you don't know how Photoshop animation works, you basically have different frames, which are the pictures that will be played one after the other to create an animation. You also have different layers, which is where you will be making the images that go in your frames. In your frames you're able to turn on and off your layer visibility. Since I'm bad at explaining things, you can reference the link in the first sentence of this paragraph. Anyway, to create my animated gif character, I first cut out my pictures (as you can see on the left). Next, I used the puppet warp tool in photoshop to manipulate my limbs to move. After I had all of my layers finished, I started creating the frames of my animation. Since I already had all my layers, it was really easy to just turn their visibility on and off for each frame. Yep, that's basically how I made my gif.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

.MOV Film Festival

Part of our Visual Script
Yes, finally! One of my favorite projects throughout the years has been movie trailers. Yes, we are creating them to enter in the "Make Me Laugh" category for the .MOV Film Festival this year. My team this year is made up of Arianna, Kaz, and Kyler. We're planning on making our movie trailer as cliche as possible. After having to read a dramatic script about Mary Sue, a girl who has a tragic past, is very emotional, an orphan, and is transferred to a new school, and ends up running away from her problems, the narrator soon grows frustrated from the script he is forced to read, claiming it is too cliche. Our keywords for this    are adventure, cliche, frustration, discovery,   and comedy. We all know that every action movie contains adventure, and, if you really think about it, most movies these days are extremely predictable. We, of course, had to have the word cliche, since it is our main point. We added the word frustration since our focus statement is Script Frustrates Narrator. Discovery was also added in the mix, since our main character, Mary Sue discovers a lot about herself. Lastly, comedy. To be comedic is really our main purpose in creating this movie trailer. After all, what audience doesn't like to laugh?

Our main character is not actually Mary Sue, it is the narrator. Although Mary's character does evolve and develop over time the real selling point of our story is through the narrators snarky and sarcastic comments. The narrator starts off serious, but soon gets more and more frustrated and sarcastic with every passing moment at the "clichèness" of the script. I think that my team and I are trying to show how overused some plots are becoming. It's the classic, boy gets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back, or vise versa. I think that this is really relatable for our audience because of the movies that most people tend to watch, like Hunger Games, Divergent, etc. Movies that have the strong female heroine fighting evil with her boyfriend that happens to turn evil but ends up good again in the end where they eventually kiss.

Arianna and Kyler's "love scene" ;)
Arianna doing Kaz's makeup
 Forest Filming ft. Kaz's thumb

I think the biggest challenge my team faced was scheduling to film. On some days only Arianna and I could film and then other times everyone could film. I think what also made scheduling really difficult was the amount of time we had for the entire project. We had really limited time, and since it was the last couple weeks of the quarter, we had a lot of other projects to turn in. I also think that one of our problems was scheduling what to do and where. I think we really overcomplicated things that didn't need overcomplicating. For example, we didn't need to drive all the way to a hiking trail. Honestly, we probably could have filmed everything at someones house and no one would know. I mean, we're literally on "The Garden Island," we could find a forest anywhere, and, with the right angling, make it bigger than it actually was. Although, despite our scheduling challenges and countless hours editing during lunch, I think our clichè movie trailer turned out well.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Tiny Spherical Worlds

First Polar Panorama
Final Spherical Panorama ft. Me
First Spherical Panorama
Hello readers! By the title of this blog post you may have been able to figure out that yes, we are doing Polar and Spherical Panoramas again. More possible redemption from 6th grade? Basically, polar and spherical panoramas are a bunch of photos formed together (composite) to make a tiny spherical world. You may be wondering, why do you need to take multiple images rather than one? Well, you can't capture as much with one image rather than multiple. In this case, you can't see 360 degrees around without multiple images. (Unless you're using an iPhone) Also, in the case of the David Hockney photomontages, you can't capture movement as well. With multiple images, you can combine them into a collage of movement. This is a personal opinion, but I think that it's a little easier to capture emotion in composite images. I don't know, It's just something that is unexplainable. Well, enough with my rambling, (I always end up rambling don't I?) let us move on.

Back to the subject of this post. Polar and spherical panoramas. The main difference between a polar and spherical panorama is where the sky and land end up being placed. For a polar panorama the land is like a little planet in the center of the image, with the sky all around it. A spherical panorama is pretty much that, but inverted. Instead of the land being in the center the sky is. It's like a little planet of sky in the midst of land. That would be a pretty weird planet huh? When you look down you would sky clouds and stars and when you look up you would see trees and grass…Weird…

Final Polar Panorama ft. Me
I think what makes my tiny worlds convincing is the fact that they don't have many seams. (Most of them at least). By seams I mean places where the pictures all join together. I think that exposure also plays a big part in seamless composition. It would be very difficult to try and blend an overexposed picture with an underexposed picture while still keeping it realistic. That's another thing, smudging. I found that smudging is best for the sky and the stamp tool is best for the land. I think that's mainly because the land is more in focus than the sky. Overall, I think the main seller is the fact that the world looks like it's naturally, well, a tiny world, and not a bunch of pictures edited in Photoshop.

(I think I've officially redeemed myself from 6th grade)
My Amazing Panorama